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The Airborn Dispenser is the new solution for the best quality drinking water where you live and where you work. It uses 'water for air' technology to create fresh drinking water from the air around it with no dependency on bulky plastic bottles or main line supply.
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How It Works?

An Airborn Water unit generates about 5 gallons a day of pure, great-tasting water by extracting the humidity out of the air, cleaning and sterilizing it, and storing it under continuous re-purification until you need it. The water waiting for you at the press of a button is clean, tested, and healthy whether you take it chilled, boliling, or just at room temprature.

Five gallons is about as much water as in one of those big water plastic jugs, and our machines produce it every single day! You don’t need to wait for the water truck, desperately search empty store shelves, make room for bottle storage and recycling, or worry about the purity of an aging municipal system.

This water production process produces water that is superior to existing drinking water solutions in the home & office space. It is the future of drinking water in households, offices, reception areas and fitness centers everywhere, and will even make the water you drink taste better!

  • Alkaline Water Energizes Your Body
  • Delicious Taste
  • Stylish Design
  • No Water Jugs Needed
  • Chilled, Boliling or Room Temprature Water

Support & Maintenance

Airborn Water Units have been tested in some of the world’s harshest environments, we have a vast experiecnce in the field and we continue to invest in research & development with the goal of improving the efficiency of our water dispensers, their capacity and water quality.

You're fully covered and your monthly fee includes replacment filters and 24/7 technical support. If needed, our technicians will come to your home to replace filters and check for problems. You’ll also never have to feel guilty about that plastic bottle you tossed away still being a problem in a thousand years.


Health Advantage

The Airborn Water H1 dispenser is the most advanced water dispenser in the market. Not only it produces water from air, it creates Alkaline Water. You’ve probably heard of “anti-oxidants” - entire diets and health regimes are based around the idea of using these foods to slow the process of aging. What you probably haven’t heard is that properly-treated water can be the bedrock of just such positive changes in the human body.

Order Now or contact us today to learn more at info@airbornwater.com or 8449994567.

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The Best Drinking Water

Order today and enjoy a never ending supply of top quality drinking water for only $49 a month!


What is 'water for air' and how is it produced?

Airborn Water is Atmospheric Water and it is, quite simply, removing the water vapor (also called "humidity") that is almost always present in the air around you, turning it into water, and then thoroughly cleaning and filtering this "water from air." In the end, you have great-tasting drinking water without big bottles, plumbing issues, or impurities found in municipal water.

Is this water good enough for drinking?

Airborn Water is as safe as water from the tap or bottled war and possibly safer. After it is condensed from the air, it goes through a seven-step filtration and cleaning process that removes chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and all other particles down to .02 microns in size. After this process, it sits in stainless steel tanks until dispensed. To avoid any problems with stagnant water, the Airborn Water dispenser automatically runs the water in the tanks back through the entire filtration process every three hours.

How much time it takes to arrive?

We aim to deliver the machine to your home or office within 48 hours. Installation is easy and requires 30 mins visit by our techintian who will carry the machine into your desired location such as kitchen or living room, and set it up so you can start enjoying the water immediately. The installation takes appx. 30 mins.

How is the water dispensed?

At the press of a button, the Airborn Water unit will dispense water hot enough for tea or coffee, chilled water for drinking, or water at room-temperature. There is a "child-lock" button to keep little fingers from getting scalded by the hot water.

How much does it cost?

The Airborn Water you'll drink is produced at a lower cost of comprable quality water source. For one thing, the air it's made from is free. Therefore we can charge only $49 a month that covers your for constant water production. This price includes all maintanance, support and even filter replacments. Compare that to the water in your cooler bottles or individual bottled water. We think you'll find Airborn Water a low-cost and high-quality replacement!

How does this help the environment?

Since Airborn Water is created from the air around you - a virtually endless resource - it does not reduce perishable water sources like groundwater, rivers, springs, or wells. There are no bulky bottles to dispose of, no plastic waste ends up in landfills, and less driving and idling trucks putting carbon into the atmosphere.

Will there be service on-call or will our staff have to do maintenance?

Your monthly fee covers for ongoing maintanance and techincal support. Airborn Water service technicians will arrive on scheduled visits to replace filters, check that all the parts are working properly, and test water quality. Periodically, they will sanitize the entire unit as needed to ensure water quality. In addition, just call 1.844.999.4567 and we guarantee a service call within hours.

How can I try this machine?

We have created a 3D model of our maching which enables you to have a complete look as well as virually try the machine at your home, office or whereever else you intend to have it. In order to try it out simply press here from your iPhone or Android devices (latest devices only).
If you want to taste the water you're welcome to come and visit us at our showroom in Rockville MD.

Do I need to change filters?

Your monthly fee covers for filter replacments. Airborn Water technicians will provide you with the filters replacment kit together with the dispenser. Changing the filters is an easy process, however if you prefer our technicians can service the device regularly, replacing filters, checking for leaks, and testing water quality. These regularly-scheduled visits should mean an easy and safe operation but, if there is an unforeseen problem or failure, an indicator will automatically let you know that it's time for a service visit. We guarantee a technician will be there within hours of your call.

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Only $49 a month

No commitment, cancel anytime. Not sure? Give us a call at 844.999.4567

Technical Spec

Tech Spec

Airborn H1

AirbornWater Atmospheric Water Generation Machine H1

Designed for the modern office and home environment, this model comes in five colors to accent any workplace and produces enough pure water for 20 to 30 people.

Capacity up to 5.3G/20L per day
Operating Temperature 59°F - 115ºF / 15°C - 45°C
Humidity (Min, Optimal) 25%RH, 80%RH
Weight 100lbs / 45kg
Power 110V,60Hz / 220V,50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH) 12"x17.5"x45.5" / 45x30x115(cm)
Filters PPF, CTO, UF, T33, UV
Chilled, Heated or room-temperature

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